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Discursive Thoughts And Profound Moments

Picture: Courtesy of Adam Anderson

To all my blog viewers, i appreciate the constant record hits regarding the absense of my posts. I have decided to step back attentively and watch what i used to find the most enchanting of all my interests become as 'old as the hills'... Clothes, Design, The meaning?

I tend to drift off into an abyss whilst i choose to be alone in complete solitude and refine my thoughts as they come to me. It is very arduous yet victorious when answers start to appear.

I believe that there is trully no competition at all in the field of design, for there is enough abundance of it to satisfy us all and this applies to other subjects too. Yet, most are all falling into one pigeon hole. This is what annoys me.
Now, i am not a cynic, nor arrogant, just an observer that stands at poise with a valid opinion. As i could not possibly have said better than Oriana Fallaci herself, 'Discussion is open but i dont change my opinion.' We all have suppositions or beliefs and thats what enables us to engage in great debates that can last hours on end and have rewarding results.
And yes you could say, who am i to be annoyed?` `Who am i to ideate over something i have no control over?` But who are you to judge? Just rationalise and comment at the end if anything. I know this could stir a few thoughtful minds. And like Bill Hicks once said, 'where do you go to think? Ill meet you there!'


I have come to the conclusion that there are two seperate kinds of people in the industry of fashion.

Buyers and Creators.

Buyers are individuals that buy into something, whether a piece of cloth or a lifestyle.

Creators are people who create a look or lifestyle for the buyers to buy into.
What really becomes interesting though is the full circle that occurs with translucent and predictable results. Creators become inspired by what the buyers are wearing (so there is a moment of switch), and how they compose the garments. So they begin to design for the buyers as apposed to what their afficionado expertise in design suggests. It is now part of a business and 'the game.'

Could this be the beginning of decline in art and design or a huge gain in business and therfore excel in currency for Brands? Greed over rides passion these days. (And yes we all need to survive), but somehow it has become apparent and hard to survive off passion because some consumers can't connect to 'new' things, interesting things and scare away from standing out so they begin wearing homogeneous things, staying safe of being judged, laughed at and try to compete with one another inside these generic labels. And although on the contrary, they want to stand alone and stand out when seen publicly they stand in a categorised manner. ´oh he is J.crew, damn he is RL, RRL, a bit of prep meets hipster meets whatever next... people love placing you comfortably in a small slot inside their mind that labels you. It makes them feel like they have passed a non existent test. Yeah i got him figured out...

(One should check my boy Solo's blog out. Acknowledge his concept ACF 'Art Comes First,' which is acting upon what i am stating above.

I am now seeing things differently and in a more fluent way with fluidity. A new light arises. Natural stylish people who are hard to find and capture as they do not want to be bothered. Have a certain way with threads that an individual who tries to emulate would lose before he starts like a student straight out of university.

This man was just chilling in San Cristobal, Mexico last week and inspired me to write this whole post. It is truly amazing and moving that in this single moment some one person in repose never got the chance to recognise an acknowledgement or share the glance of an eye and manage to notice you in their whole lifetime and know what profound moment they have given to you in yours.
I am inspired by the people who are not dressed a certain way because of fashion, style or for gratification and approval from one intrigued photographer and/or fashion analyst. The ones that don't even think they are stylish at all but just need clothes to function the way they have been made to. They are the ones that are the subjects of my life and my work. Beauty to me, comes in many natural forms and colours, i take notes, observe and retain all things that i know will be important to me during the next big projects in the pipeline be it art or design...

There is so much world out here for all to see, to experience and feel enlightened. I would not rush. A good brother of mine once shared, 'Smooth seas make a poor sailor.'
So get slapped around a bit, be criticised, understand and appreciate time and the art of learning the things you love.
Im not even half way and im thankful to what i have seen, been taught, people i have met, where i have visited in the world and what is to come.
I am content...

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