Monday, August 31, 2009

No Title Needed

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Savile Row

English Strolls and Findings At Portobello

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautifully Adorned Deco Shop Front

Vintage Galore!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nerd Bites Pokit

I really could not have said it better myself Jason, My boy Bayo is one heck of a dresser! I lay a carpet and hands down on this one. I have your back...
Bayo From Pokit

Pharrell Williams
(the nerd in question)

Someone needs to be told: the blatant biting of next mans style is still - and always will be - an offence in these parts, cowboy.

To add to this...I guess this will go on forever. I feel as though one is easily influenced by the smallest thing. And because 'some' have a name in the 'Limelight' already, they get to be the recipients of all the credit and applause, its literally like, 'oh shit son, you've killed it again, so unique son, wow son, you come up with the craziest looks son, you a damn mofo genius!'
Just read the Bold text above again please! Written by my brother Mr J. Jules. Take note cause he hit the nail on the head on this one. End of...

Work Shown In Illustration Book

As some of you may or not know my work was chosen to be published in this Photoshop and Illustrator book last year. It is very good (not just because i'm in it). but helps you to see the different types of styles there are out in the world of illustration...

The Old Neglected Piano

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Stylish Old Pal!

Here is Jenny, a lovely old friend of mine who sporadically grew a strong liking in the 1940s Style. (I don't usually take photos of alot of women, this may be the start of something.) I agreed to catch up whilst i was in London and was Blown away by her style. I was delighted to see her interest in this era which we both happen to share. Please check her blog if you are into women's 1940s attire. You wont be disappointed, plus she has just started the blog so go easy on her! Congratulations you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Market

Since returning to the States i have been attending the Brooklyn Flea market every saturday selling all sorts of interesting pieces found from London to the US. It is a good way to meet like minded people and a way to express one-self's creativity in the open too. I just came across a write up on me on the Brooklyn Flea website...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aged fabric cannot be emulated...

There are one of a kind pieces that really and trully capture my eye. I love this coat because it has a real story behind it and the aging shows clearly with the colour it has become. Alot of designers try to get this look perfected but cannot, as what they produce is not an original garment with history. Its been dyed to look old and has/was made a week or month before put on your body. I feel, and a few others will agree with me that a garment should be worn in by the wearer. Unless its vintage. End of.
Again, im sorry, this is only a one mans opinion...
Courtesy of the V&A London Archive

Moments of thought...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abandoned Beauty

Steven Ben Israel

Random Compliments given to strangers are usually over in a split second, but i managed to admire the relaxed style of someone i hadn't heard of before, (my sheer ignorance) and spoke to him for an hour or so. So much for a split second! i am now a very fond and big fan of Steven Ben Israel. A very stylish man who performs Comedy acts, one-man-shows and is a profound Poet too. He made his debut in the late 50s. A renaissance man is what i say he is, although he did introduce me to a good friend of his saying the same about me! Thank you Steve! Please check this Gentlemen out, On the Anvil of Action is a great piece he wrote.

Gentlemen Stencils