Monday, June 29, 2009

Style Over Brand Any Day Of The Week

I say style over brand because the 'name brands' in the industry don't style their clothing this way. This is where individual style comes from. The people who you don't know personally but happen to walk pass you and have a look put together that stands out to you.  i love the way i cannot tell you where he got his items from. There is history and mystery behind them. Infact if this young fellow had name tags all over the place he would not be placed on my blog.
lovely varsity jacket with 60s styled glasses and deck shoes is the way forward.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Matthew Mcfarlane

Now here is one talented man, i'm keeping things impartial here, but he is a close friend of mine. I have always been around the creative-type people and this one here needs a shout out to help him get out in the world so they can start consuming his designs. A self clothes constructor to a self taught upholster Matthew is going places. Here are a two of his pieces from a strong collection. Using nothing but found fabrics, bed sheets from the 80s and old cut off samples he creates these amazing ONE OFF pieces. If you are interested to see more please don't hesitate to contact me and i will connect you with him. He is making steps towards Liberty on Carnaby Street. That is how you know he is not playing!

The Vintage Showrroom

My Friend Douglas Gunn, invited me to his Showroom down by the Buspace Studios in Ladbroke Grove, i was pleasantly surprised to see it. There are lots of great one off pieces that are on sale for reasonable prices. He has a mixture of clothes from Harris Tweeds to Uniforms that hark back to the turn of the century. Beautiful bags with fine detailing, Old posters from early periods and a few Knits too. 
20 Buspace Studios, Conlan Street London W105ap

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mickey Is Killing It

Here we go again. Mickey in more amazing attire, he really knows how to put an outfit together with little effort. Just check that rip in that panama hat of his. i love the shirt detailing and his relaxed approach on life!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

British Tastefulness

Working in this shop a few years back only makes me appreciate it more for what it taught me. This is Paul Smiths eclectic shop. i call it eclectic only because the sourcing for this shop is taken from all over the world. The trinket selections and composition concepts are not conventional. Smith knows a lot of amazing individuals too and one of his closest friends Peter Blake designed the mirror on the wall shown below with dolls and alcohol coming off it. Another interesting one is that this shop was used as the Taxi service office in the film Lock Stock. He has made a shop that stands alone from the rest, a shop that while wondering London Bridges Borough Market makes you intrigued to see what is inside week after week. From furniture imported from India, to mirrors, to framed records, to toys for adults and kids it is easily a shop to get lost in. Take a look for yourself!

A Hidden Gem

Here is Martin, a man who works at the Crescent Trading Fabric shop on Quaker Street off Bricklane. The Unit stocks alot of 'older looking' fabrics and sells rolls and metres at a reasonable price. He is the epitome of a well put together salesman who understands the terms of dressing to the occasion or profession of ones job. He tells me he loves the old mens style. He even rocks a monocle to help get the correct measures which i think are so obsolete these days, it is a perfect time to start getting them out from that box in the attic or basement guys! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tailoring Experience At Its Best

Situated in Lambs Conduit Street, not far from Holborn Station, is a great Tailoring company that has been going since 1907. It is worth checking it out. A great display of mens favourite trinkets and accessories are composed around the shop. Suits start from 1500 pounds and go up depending on suiting fabrics and style. Jerome, one of the tailors, spent a few minutes with me to tell me about the companies history and details on measuring up his clients.

A well-to-do East London Vagabond!

This is Mickey, apparently (and please excuse my ignorance and unfamiliarity with him) this Strikingly handsome man is homeless, i really do not believe it or him. He walks the streets of the East end in the most amazing clobber. He obviously spends his money wisely! Oh and if any of my readers know him please share his profession or what he used to do. Another character!