Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Real Character

Hoggy is a worldly looking man who works and grinds at HIDEOUT, a fine shop on portobello road that sells a great selection of vintage clothing. From Levis 201 Jeans to the Mark 1 and 2 denim jackets. Picture below. (Some great repros too.) He is a true vintage enthusiast and owns a couple 1930 Harley Davidson Bikes. He put this one together himself and 
fixed a new engine on it. Here are some pictures of this fellows attire and beautiful machine...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Le Grenier, Stalls, Serendipity Treasures and Trinkets

London, one of the worlds finest, is open to an array of Vintage markets and shops. Every friday through to sunday is the best time to visit all of the Antique stalls, markets and is basically a vintage fanatics dream. There is much to choose from.

There is one shop Le Grenier on Bethnal Green Road in East London, (only for those who are not familiar with London's whereabouts), that sells some of the best pieces of worker wear clothing and inspiring old pots, pans, bags and other trinkets that relate to the vintage market. This is surely one shop to stop by at if you are looking for one of a kind items.
Le Grenier
Portobello Road
Camden Market
Bags in Le Grenier

All my Meanders end up being inspiring whilst exploring my hometown. Yesterday i was walking around the backstreets of East London and spotted this Gentlemen riding through the Hustle and Bustle of Brick Lane market. He has really mastered the look from head to toe. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspiration Is At Our Reach

A man once told me that if you ever get lost for creativity take a step outside your house. You can walk anywhere you please and you will be sure to detect something that might trigger that creative force inside you. So everytime i feel like life or my thought process is feeling a bit inanimate, i jump on my horse (Bicycle!!) and pedal down and around the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. 
He is quite right! Like Paul Smith said truthfully too, 'You can find Inspiration in everything and if you can't look again.'
Pictures are the primary source to 'your' inspiration as you are the one who was present when you took the shot. What you see in something is far different from what the next person would envision. My influence is probably not the same as yours but thats what makes life all the more interesting. Growth, experience, diversity and communication through our art and photography. I am always inspired by other peoples works too. And although i may have not taken the photo i could be browsing at some exhibit i am still drawn to it as though i was there taking it.
Its all about composition, mood and story telling. Most people are drawn to intriguing subjects. Here are a few shots that caught me.

Past Timelessness

Its been a while now since i produced my collection at Central Saint Martins. And a lot has happened to me between summer 2007, when i completed my course and up to now. One thing has not changed though and that is that i am constantly looking for inspiration. MyAntiquated Mindset never changes. Here are some of the sketches taken from my research and design book during my final year. I was inspired by old men on Savile Row, mostly men from the 1930s, old books and classic timelessness. Here is my Label and the work i did towards the Final Years show at Central.
AAR (Adam A Rogers) My initials created into a gent. Look between the lines!
Here are three images from my runway show. My models took over the show. Nuff said!
I adore colour as you can see, but i feel as though men don't use it enough. And if they do it is usually over kill. Colour helps bring your best features out. It also has a sense of cheerfulness and brings smiles to a lot of faces. (If it is done well that is.)
Now im not blowing my own trumpet here, but i did sit down and have a think about the colours thoroughly for a while. I had to picture which colours worked best together and see how i could get a good balanced outfit to avoid ruining the look i was going for. I also didn't need my collection to begin looking like a clowns audition house but did want it looking playful and full of taste. It was tough, hard and i worked long hours with dedication to get it perfect. By the end of my brainstorming, i chose my fabrics and felt i executed the look from head, down on paper to the garments very well.
I am working on a new collection at the moment, very early stages but im on the roll again...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stylized Sketching

During my commutes around Brooklyn and Manhattan, i notice there are tons of stylish people around and so i use them for inspiration. They all show individuality and express stories without having to speak, so i chose to sketch a collection of random people. The images are mostly about style and character more than anything else. i like the drape and creases that the clothes give whilst the wearer is slouching or sitting down. Creating line and shadow.
Here are only a few pieces from my work-in-progress collection.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First things FIRST

J.c Leyendecker   (1874- 1951)  

Now as an illustrator/Artist myself i have the need to extol someone who has been secluded from a lot of peoples awareness for a long while. 
As a personal admirer of the 'Golden Age of Fashion' period and all the old menswear illustrators i want to highlight that J.C Leyendecker (Joseph Christian) was one of the first and finest illustrators of his time. His Arrow Collar ads and Saturday Evening Post covers during the twenties got him an acclaimed reputation. This man guarded his private life and the lack of most of his material is obvious to his personality.
His works began to fade in the late 40s, during the last years of his life. 

Another illustrator named Norman Rockwell took over. Now don't get me wrong i love and appreciate Rockwell's work too but it is said that Rockwell established the best-known visual images of Americana when they are actually a derivative of Leyendeckers work. Leyendecker was Rockwells idol and friend so the influence lies within. 

So here is to a great Artist who inspired and still inspires thousands.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An introduction...

There are many other names and ideas i came up with to describe me or my motives for my personal Blog title. The ones i thought of were, 'The Fashion Pariah,' 'The Modest Adonis,' 'The True English Gent,' You Just Clocked Adam,' and more, but there is far too little space to exhibit or describe all of them to the readers. I chose Antiquated Mindset because it describes me perfectly, friends have always mentioned that i dress and act like someone in another era. i live in Vintage clothes, love old things and walk my own world in this fashion industry. Mostly reliving the way people wore clothes way back in the day. I love style, cut ,proportion and colour. Im not usually interested in name brands and labels. Im far too engrossed with the original pieces that are emulated today. The Blog name may or (may not) change with the flow of my creativity, but will be within Art, Fashion and Music.

I am not going to update you with new things that are out 'today', i guess im looking more to inspire with things i randomly see or find. To me this will be seen as a treasured blog as apposed to a conforming individual trying to fit in with the likes of this modern band wagon hopping society that has become oh so boring and tiresome.