Sunday, May 3, 2009

An introduction...

There are many other names and ideas i came up with to describe me or my motives for my personal Blog title. The ones i thought of were, 'The Fashion Pariah,' 'The Modest Adonis,' 'The True English Gent,' You Just Clocked Adam,' and more, but there is far too little space to exhibit or describe all of them to the readers. I chose Antiquated Mindset because it describes me perfectly, friends have always mentioned that i dress and act like someone in another era. i live in Vintage clothes, love old things and walk my own world in this fashion industry. Mostly reliving the way people wore clothes way back in the day. I love style, cut ,proportion and colour. Im not usually interested in name brands and labels. Im far too engrossed with the original pieces that are emulated today. The Blog name may or (may not) change with the flow of my creativity, but will be within Art, Fashion and Music.

I am not going to update you with new things that are out 'today', i guess im looking more to inspire with things i randomly see or find. To me this will be seen as a treasured blog as apposed to a conforming individual trying to fit in with the likes of this modern band wagon hopping society that has become oh so boring and tiresome.



Solomon Molotov said...

I love it
I will definitely be watching this space
Keep up the good work.

Niki Hall said...

Very impressive, I wish I was there to stroll the stalls and markets in London and to see how that city sparked your antiquated mindset.x