Friday, May 8, 2009

Past Timelessness

Its been a while now since i produced my collection at Central Saint Martins. And a lot has happened to me between summer 2007, when i completed my course and up to now. One thing has not changed though and that is that i am constantly looking for inspiration. MyAntiquated Mindset never changes. Here are some of the sketches taken from my research and design book during my final year. I was inspired by old men on Savile Row, mostly men from the 1930s, old books and classic timelessness. Here is my Label and the work i did towards the Final Years show at Central.
AAR (Adam A Rogers) My initials created into a gent. Look between the lines!
Here are three images from my runway show. My models took over the show. Nuff said!
I adore colour as you can see, but i feel as though men don't use it enough. And if they do it is usually over kill. Colour helps bring your best features out. It also has a sense of cheerfulness and brings smiles to a lot of faces. (If it is done well that is.)
Now im not blowing my own trumpet here, but i did sit down and have a think about the colours thoroughly for a while. I had to picture which colours worked best together and see how i could get a good balanced outfit to avoid ruining the look i was going for. I also didn't need my collection to begin looking like a clowns audition house but did want it looking playful and full of taste. It was tough, hard and i worked long hours with dedication to get it perfect. By the end of my brainstorming, i chose my fabrics and felt i executed the look from head, down on paper to the garments very well.
I am working on a new collection at the moment, very early stages but im on the roll again...