Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspiration Is At Our Reach

A man once told me that if you ever get lost for creativity take a step outside your house. You can walk anywhere you please and you will be sure to detect something that might trigger that creative force inside you. So everytime i feel like life or my thought process is feeling a bit inanimate, i jump on my horse (Bicycle!!) and pedal down and around the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. 
He is quite right! Like Paul Smith said truthfully too, 'You can find Inspiration in everything and if you can't look again.'
Pictures are the primary source to 'your' inspiration as you are the one who was present when you took the shot. What you see in something is far different from what the next person would envision. My influence is probably not the same as yours but thats what makes life all the more interesting. Growth, experience, diversity and communication through our art and photography. I am always inspired by other peoples works too. And although i may have not taken the photo i could be browsing at some exhibit i am still drawn to it as though i was there taking it.
Its all about composition, mood and story telling. Most people are drawn to intriguing subjects. Here are a few shots that caught me.