Friday, July 31, 2009

Secrets Of The Sand...

Early Stages...

My Oldman always had his pen to paper during my early stages of life. I remember him always putting me to bed drawing rather than reading a book. Only cause i wanted it that way! He would challenge my techniques, my shading, my lines and tell me what was bad from good. I have always and will always look up to him overall. He taught me quality and confidence with the pen/pencil.
It is my useful and worth while tool. This is a sketch he produced during my early years, amazingly but not surprisingly it still inspires me today to see it...

Old Work Speaks For Itself...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If Only I Had The Space

A Gentlemen's Nightmare

Why have most Men got no Style these days? I find and believe that even after all the options of books and films that men are offered, whether for general knowledge or ones that aid towards a well composed outfit, most still fail to understand the true art of elegance or fully understand proportions and complimenting colours to ones complexion.They seem to be gravitating,unfortunately, towards the less appealing(to me. This is only my opinion remember) looks of today that manage to feed bad taste to the consumers, such as 'Oh because Collin Farrell is wearing a Prada suit, Gucci bag and Tom Ford specs the look must be worth buying.' The Kids or people with money buy these brands and allow the adverts to preside their wardrobes. So their personal taste disapates within the branding. What i find most amusing is the 'styling industry' too as i frequently wonder how these stylists got a swollen pocket by doing such ruined jobs. The real stylists that are aficionados on the subject of clothes lay within wardrobe design on film sets. Take Mark Bridges who has been doing films for years that inspire the individuals with taste but not enough to push them to create the same aesthetic. He has a great historical memory and knows the old style inside out. There are not many individuals on his level. Most stylist obviously dont learn or go back to the origins and prefer to use the media and 'Fashion' for their inspiration. Fashion is Fickle as some know but style can be timeless. (I know two good stylists and that is it, they know who they are so they are not ones spoken both know who you are).

Dominico (Mimmo) Spano from Saks Fifth Ave says very meticulously;

'Elegance is something you are born with, you can refine it but you got to have it there.'

The reason behind my vent is an interview i watched with Alan Flusser who stresses that too many men need help and shouldnt have to depend on it. To top this he says, 'actors and singers, outside of their careers either dress appallingly such as Michael Douglas after the film Wall Street which the clothes on this set suited him well, or they hire 'well known stylists' to dress them for their special occasions and they do terrible jobs.' He also mentions that Brad Pitt being good-looking with the whole package etc. would look untouchably and unquestionably great if he were to have a good dresser but at every event or Premier he attends he manages to look terrible. Who is he trusting to run his wardrobe huh?

Let me know your thoughts... or start a debate which i can publish underneath. I may elaborate on this.

Monday, July 27, 2009

RL Purple Label In Discussion

Gentlemen Against Walls!

The Modest Adonis strikes outside his yard with a felt-tip to promote at a warehouse party and gets people wondering why what and how?!

Floating Beauty

It was a jolly sunny delightful english day in London on the way to see my mother, (the originator), in Shepherds Bush and while walking down Goldhawk Road i come across an abandoned but inspiring window display. I cannot elaborate much as it looked empty and had probably been left that way for a while too. But i tell you, i just stopped for a second and peered at it for a good 5 minutes and saw the way it had been hung and how visible the wire was as to which it held the hat still. Could it have been thought about more carefully? Was it intentional? Was it a shop? Who knows. Interesting enough here it is...

T.A.M Goes Mobile In Fortgreene Brooklyn

Heir On My Top Lip!

Im going through a Mustache faze right now. Maybe because i am inspired by my Grandfathers or the one my Fathers rocking these days, or maybe its just one of those stages of life where i want to experiment with my style and fortunate facial hair. Please understand that its no Mustache you see Clark Cable,(Below), wear either. Although i do admire the 30s more than anything. Im going further back for the look... The hair has to cover the top lip or has the twirl at the edges! My boy Amechi in the 2nd picture rocks it well. He has the Fashion game on point. Give it a few more months or so and the whole 'Trendy' circle will catch on. Im dreading that moment! My inspirational father is the first inset...My Man!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shot On The Spot

I was stopped in East London by Wayne. He asked to take a few pictures of me, now i don't usually allow my picture to be taken unless people pay me. Im serious, if i had and continued to accumulate cash in pounds and dollars from every photographer out in the world who has approached me and continue to approach me to snap me up i would be living next door to Warren Buffet or better still, be buying him out of his yard. Anyhow,
Wayne is a great photographer. Check his fashion sight out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Framed Exhibit

To all those people tuning in every other day or whilst they are bored at work or just intrigued to see what i post up next, im sorry for slacking. Ive been traveling a lot around the States picking Antiques out from the myriads of shows and markets to hoard and keep until the time is right to let them go. I now believe i have a good set up for the near future with selling amazing unique pieces. From crazy looking 1940s sleeve ironing boards to 30s wing back chairs and doctors bags, im ready for selling at the markets that disseminate around NY.

Anyhow, as well as being busy being a vagabond i have been working on the project most have seen in person and have helped pushed me to higher limits with it. Now framed and in the double figures i am nearly ready for my first exhibition! i will keep you posted. These will be kept in storage till i find a good place to show them...
Now i dont get many comments, (and thats all good, i really dont mind), but please tell me your opinions on what you think of the art. I'd appreciate bad or good comments because any opinion and comment is growth and tuition. Im out...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dixon's Bicycle shop

Here, in Brooklyn, Park Slope, rests a family of brothers, cousins, friends and talented aficionado bike fixers who do pretty well everyday helping needy customers get their bikes back on the road. A Family Business starting a few decades ago still stands strong. My friends Dave, Chris and Tony, CoCo and Sage are always welcoming me in there with my Horse and have a lot of patience servicing it. A great shop that holds a lot of vintage bikes too, but just for show. In fact, these lot lent a tandem out to the artist Mr. Hudson for his musical video 'Central Park.'

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Gentlemen and His Summer Comfort...

Trinket Candy