Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Gentlemen's Nightmare

Why have most Men got no Style these days? I find and believe that even after all the options of books and films that men are offered, whether for general knowledge or ones that aid towards a well composed outfit, most still fail to understand the true art of elegance or fully understand proportions and complimenting colours to ones complexion.They seem to be gravitating,unfortunately, towards the less appealing(to me. This is only my opinion remember) looks of today that manage to feed bad taste to the consumers, such as 'Oh because Collin Farrell is wearing a Prada suit, Gucci bag and Tom Ford specs the look must be worth buying.' The Kids or people with money buy these brands and allow the adverts to preside their wardrobes. So their personal taste disapates within the branding. What i find most amusing is the 'styling industry' too as i frequently wonder how these stylists got a swollen pocket by doing such ruined jobs. The real stylists that are aficionados on the subject of clothes lay within wardrobe design on film sets. Take Mark Bridges who has been doing films for years that inspire the individuals with taste but not enough to push them to create the same aesthetic. He has a great historical memory and knows the old style inside out. There are not many individuals on his level. Most stylist obviously dont learn or go back to the origins and prefer to use the media and 'Fashion' for their inspiration. Fashion is Fickle as some know but style can be timeless. (I know two good stylists and that is it, they know who they are so they are not ones spoken both know who you are).

Dominico (Mimmo) Spano from Saks Fifth Ave says very meticulously;

'Elegance is something you are born with, you can refine it but you got to have it there.'

The reason behind my vent is an interview i watched with Alan Flusser who stresses that too many men need help and shouldnt have to depend on it. To top this he says, 'actors and singers, outside of their careers either dress appallingly such as Michael Douglas after the film Wall Street which the clothes on this set suited him well, or they hire 'well known stylists' to dress them for their special occasions and they do terrible jobs.' He also mentions that Brad Pitt being good-looking with the whole package etc. would look untouchably and unquestionably great if he were to have a good dresser but at every event or Premier he attends he manages to look terrible. Who is he trusting to run his wardrobe huh?

Let me know your thoughts... or start a debate which i can publish underneath. I may elaborate on this.


JSartorialist14 said...

Clothing nowadays is rarely an expression of self as much as it has succumb to be a vehicle of function... to specifically speak of the urban gentleman very few use their attire to exude their intellect, or experience... Moreover I see dudes on the street and think of the Capital One advert "What is in your wallet?"

Now I'm not here to knock dudes who think being "Gucci'd/Louis'd" down is the epitome of fresh, but the word 'classic' should be used more often.

What guys believe they receive in brands they lose in personality I believe Mr. Flusser also mentioned in that excerpt that Mr. Pitt is "Tom Ford'd" out at every function but looks like a tool...

Lifestyle plays a major role in this debate and very few individuals jet-set or even venture into the next borough... And it is those details in life that have been lost as such simple notions like clothing cut, texture, color and contrast are astray...

I can say more but, I shake my head on a daily basis for the reasons mentioned above.

ibella88 said...

Hi there... Ok my views on this won't sounds as sophisticated or smart as you two's so I'll just say it my way. I guess your personal view on style depends on your personality. I mean judging from the way you've written your post you probably wouldn't be a fan of the way rappers dress with the baggy clothes and etc. I think its actually quite distasteful! You seem to be the more classy type and I like classy style as well! Although mine would have bit more modern aspect to it. You said 'Oh because Collin Farrell is wearing a Prada suit, Gucci bag and Tom Ford specs the look must be worth buying.'I don't think thats Necessarily how people are thinking. I have noticed that some people have a certain stereo-type when it gets to that area.

I mostly think though that when they see... Collin Farrel wearing whatever they don't think the look MUST be worth buying but they admire it, therefor eit is worth buying.Also what the man above me said it probably also depends on lifestyle, and I think age, (or whatever age your mind is for those going through mid-life crisis)

Anyways I'll stop rambling, hope I made some sort of sense. Just to put in my final opinion. Once again you've got Mark Bridges, who I tried googling but only got the queens solicitor so i dunno what his stye is like, but if you've ever watched an episode of Gossip Girl then Chuck bass is the style that I think I mostly prefer, Google it!

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly my brother.. O speak, speak..