Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Don of All East Londons dressers

Well, again, sorry if im boring you lot with Mickey, but this will be the last post of him for a while as i have finally touched down in Brooklyn New York and wont be back to see him for a while!
Here he is again with a different combination of attire. Plain tee with expressive red and white wing tips. We were discussing for a while what fashion is to him and he stresses every time on how fashion has changed and that his favourite era of style was 1939 to 49. He says people have no understanding with clothes any more and follow trends and wear jeans and boring t-shirts. Well we all know he is correct here but i guess it is now just that time where easy comfortable clothing is more convenient to the wearer.
Who apart from me, Ouiji, Mickey and Jason Jules wants to dress amazingly from day to day?

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Beth said...

Luv these pics. I wish more people would dress like this!