Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Framed Exhibit

To all those people tuning in every other day or whilst they are bored at work or just intrigued to see what i post up next, im sorry for slacking. Ive been traveling a lot around the States picking Antiques out from the myriads of shows and markets to hoard and keep until the time is right to let them go. I now believe i have a good set up for the near future with selling amazing unique pieces. From crazy looking 1940s sleeve ironing boards to 30s wing back chairs and doctors bags, im ready for selling at the markets that disseminate around NY.

Anyhow, as well as being busy being a vagabond i have been working on the project most have seen in person and have helped pushed me to higher limits with it. Now framed and in the double figures i am nearly ready for my first exhibition! i will keep you posted. These will be kept in storage till i find a good place to show them...
Now i dont get many comments, (and thats all good, i really dont mind), but please tell me your opinions on what you think of the art. I'd appreciate bad or good comments because any opinion and comment is growth and tuition. Im out...


PVT said...

just started reading your blog recently... like it a lot so far...

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and as always, see what it's like to move from SF to NYC on a whim...

J.Henry Plummer said...

I've been visiting your blog for about a month. (since my bday in June) and I have become soo inspired! I mean I come here EVERYDAY after visiting The BKcircus blog! You are really an encouragement and inspiration. I love the vintage pieces and arts. the collection is so timeless. and without question incomparable. It has helped me to focus and continue my endeavors with my own line/vintage shop!
If you could, KIT I'd love to have a helping hand and ideas to motivate and better me.
many blessings.


Anonymous said...

I've saved your blog on my bookmarks and it gets a look in everyday! the suspense and waiting for the next hit always keeps me excited!!

I work as a designer for Puma and to see what you do is so inspiring!! keep on doing what you do bruv!!

Love your style, sketches!! the whole BK London connection!! everything you do is soooo fresh!!

p.s. Did you study at LCF? I remember a dude called adam who used to draw like you on denim! he used to customize levis? it's not you is it?

As soon as you get a space to show your work, I'm there!!

Peace & blessings, Gavin Skelton.

The Modest Adonis said...

Gavin! yes that is me! Thank you for posting your comment up, i appreciate that! Did we meet at LCF or did we get introduced from the circles?

J Henry, thank you too. ill keep the blog updated when i can, ive been really busy these days so its been kind of hard to inform people of my where abouts.

Thank you PVT!

Keep me posted too with your works and messages and keep logged in.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, Dammmm! I knew that was you!!
You used to be a mad hip hop banger!! rocking your airmax and Nike windrunner jacket! Wow! Just like you Im crazy about the tailoring now!!
We hooked up once to try and get you to do some work for a denim brand called Etienne Ozeki!

You probably don't remember but we met up in Perivale west London to do some customizing work on denims. You were living in dalston I think. As soon as I saw your sketches I knew that was you.

I'm working with Puma at the moment, I was due to move to BK last year but pulled out, I've spoke to Ouigi a few times and love that whole Parkslope BK scene!

If ever you get a minute, I'm on It would be good to catch up.

Peace, Gavin.