Thursday, June 4, 2009

Purposeful Nonchalance

This Gentlemen was about to go into the pub with a close friend of his in Angel when i caught him. He was happy for me to take his photo. I love the soft tailoring here on the jackets shoulders and the knit tie loosely done up with the top button undone really finished the look for me. A great touch to an outfit. Very 1940s. And so nonchalant in his ways.
There is one book i own which carries a photo that this man reminds me of, it is called Dressing The Man by Alan Flusser. It is the picture at the bottom with the man with the monogram initials on his shirt.

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squire said...

A dapper young buck indeed. The jacket is tip top. I should know since I sold it to him . It is by Steegan in a moygashel linen fabric. They were very popular with chaps in the 40's and 50's , some were made in a heavier pure irish linen, some were blended with rayon.They hang like a dream .