Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best Dressed Men

It is amazing to see the way mens style was during the turn of the century and how it has UNDEVELOPED and become today. (Okay maybe the fabrics have been developed to acclimate to all weather conditions etc) But in my opinion, style now is too contrived, to fabricated, too filtered, too eclectic and too lost for options.
Men did have more style, dignity, elegance and a pure sense of immaculate etiquette during the turn of the century especially during the 30s. This is why they called it the Golden age of fashion. Even the not so rich had their way of covering up their financial issues through the way they dressed and were most probably never seen any different from a well-to-do man. You would not catch a man walk outside his house dead without his hat on during those days. Here are a some of my favourite stylish men who knew what a man should really be doing when it comes to a Gentlemen's attire.
Buster Keaton
Charlie Chaplin
Harold Llyod 
Steve McQueen with his Desert Racer
Steve Mcqueen This man had an outfit for all types of past times.
Cary Grant
Jack Johnson
The Duke of Windsor 

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