Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Suit With Life

I am finding out that the more i ask about or bring up mens suits with the most stylish associates of mine that a lot of them don't really take to them very well. Why is this?
Let me try to explain in detail. They say that the suit is for business use and that they tend to look boring, dull, old fashioned and need more flare. Is it possible that they are looking in the wrong places? i have never had a problem with my suits or location to finding a great suit which i could revamp. I don't mind taking them out and showing them how to make a suit look great. And a lot of the time i have done that.

Take a suit from Topshop, Reiss and other menswear brand stores for example. Their suits are mostly dark navy, black or grey and have no life in them and they are usually styled simply with solid coloured ties and handkerchiefs. And glasses with non prescriptive frames!

If you search or view men from the earlier years from the turn of the century to probably the late fifties their style is well thought out and fun to look at. This is why designers are STILL using the past as a constant source of inspiration. The colours used in the outfits compliment one another too and that alone can make many collections spark off. What has interested me most too is that i have noticed throughout the years of close inspection with most actors during the 1920 to the 40s, that their personal style changed with the times. Whether it is laziness or inevitable adaption, the cuts of their suits, cardigans and trousers seemed to be too big for them or neglected compared to their prime styling. Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Chaplin and many others too. Im not looking for an argument here either. Yes, there was a slight awareness of style there but not any where near half as good as when they were all younger. And don't forget, the time here must have been late 70s to mid 80s when suiting business became hideous!

So the moral...there isnt, without sounding contrary, just make sure you spice up your suit in an elegant and old but newish way without making yourself look like a boring accountant or a man in his ugly white suit and black tie about to hit the red carpet thinking he looks the dogs bullocks.

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