Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Now most people would not have heard of these men. Information about them is certainly close to impossible.
I remember i went to the National Portrait Gallery in London during my lunch break at Saint Martins and came across a a dozen pictures of these inspiring men. I worked on a line based on these characters.

They are hugely proud old men that live in the Eritrean capital, Asmara. They call themselves Asmarinos and are reminiscent of the bygone Italians. Always spending time enjoying their 'passeggiata', a stroll up and down Independence Avenue Asmaras main thoroughfare.

In their youth, under Italian colonial rule, during the 1930s Asmarinos were not allowed to pursue such pleasures. Here are a few men dressed in European suits, fine hats and walking sticks they emulate an Italian lifestyle and dress.

Courtesy of Stefan B


Anonymous said...

I had the chance of visiting Asmara last year and stayed with in a B&B it was amazing that the grandfater of the house was always impecably dreesed,I asked him about his suits and shirts he had so much pride in them even though at that stage they were stealth,what was amazing is that all the shirts were from Battistoni,andt the shoes form Gatti with an acient pattina that only loving care could bring.If you can let us know if there is a publication of these pics it would be nice to pass it on.

The Modest Adonis said...

I am happy that you can relate to the recent post. Did you manage to take any shots of the individuals yourself?

Please email me eyeknowrogers@hotmail.com i shall send you a link.