Monday, September 13, 2010

Street Etiquette And I Hook Up

The Street Etiquette boys Trav and Josh have come along way from being just another menswear blog peppered into the Cyber world. They have excelled to high ranks in the field and are now very much a high commodity in the industry Stateside. Im certain overseas too as close friends of mine in London ask about them too. From collaborative projects with Sebago to the pioneers of GQ they are on the way to some supreme things. From great visuals to decent informative paragraphs on topics ranging from the origins of Tweed to loafers they have a way of getting there points and views across to their myriads of fans.
To add to all of this, (and they may hate me for baiting them up, but), they are still younger than you could guess. I wish them all the success in the world with up and coming projects. Keep it up boys...Courtesy of Street Etiquette


Anonymous said...

I have been following you blog for quite some time now, and would just like to say that your perspectives of the traditional man is awe-inspiring. Definitely something that young men, like myself, should be exposed to. Your writings, fashion, and take on culture are absolutely amazing. Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

I have been following you blog for quite some time now and would just like to say that your take on the traditional man is absolutely awe inspiring. All young men, including myself, should be exposed to these kinds of ideas, images and writings! thanks!

a said...

Your close up picture shows some very interesting and striking pieces of jewelry. I tried searching your blog for any post about jewelry or accessories and couldn't find any.

What is your take about men accessorizing with jewelry? What have you seen other then the classic pocket watch with fob or cufflinks in the 'antiquated' part of your inspiration?

I'm a female jeweler with a love of what I do, but I don't know what to create for men since so few now a days where anything more then a plain wrist watch or wedding band. I do not include iPods and other gadgets in my def of accessories (unless they have a DIY sleeve :).

I think jewelry and other accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, etc.) add the finishing touches to any outfit and some more about the wearers personality and style. Your personal jewelry selection shows a great deal and I would enjoy hearing/seeing your perspective. Many thanks for the wonderful pictures on your site and postings.


The Modest Adonis said...

Thanks Anonymous! More on the way, im glad i can be of such help and inspire anyone out there so to contact me directly like that means a lot!

As for G, i want to reiterate my appreciation for reaching out to me with such a vast write up of thought and praise.

I generally love jewelery, i think you have summed up very well what jewelery stands for and what it does...It certainly does Highlight, compliment, completes an outfit and adds to the wearers personality too.

My take on it would be as you earlier stated, plus that i have always been interested in very tasteful men (in the fashionable sense of the meaning!) and read most of the time that accessories can kill an outfit if it is over done and be considered pompous.

This is why most of the time the 'men' we look up to and admired during The Golden Age Of Fashion wore only one Gold pinky ring and tie clip which they believed to be more than ample. But,

Oscar Wilde had abundance of accessories that most disagreed to him wearing all at once, but at the end of the day, it is all down to the individual. I like finding and mixing different cultured pieces of clothes and jewels and put them all together in the simplest form. Thats the best way to describe my take. If you want we could continue this email is attached to the site.
Too much to mention!
Im currently working on a newer site with more of an up-to-date take on style...lets see what happens!