Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Septuagenarian With Sprezzatura Style!

Whilst at work, i clocked this guy strolling around calmly behind his daughter with his wife who was buying some fabrics for her own personal collection. He had so much style it made me want his picture. His daughter told me he was 82 years young and that he is a tailor who lives in France and did not speak a word of English. His daughter translated my respects to him for me. Here he rocks one of his own jackets. And even though the stitching may be slightly off and the top button is puckering a bit, (to all the meticulous ones out there being too critical...ha), it is simple, classic and he smacks it with ease.


Karen + Sara said...

how sweet, i love him! nice contrasting sleeves/details! have a great trip home...and thanks for opening this back up!

Anonymous said...

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