Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bow Tie

There really are not many men out there that have an affect on me when it comes to clothes and putting an outfit together, but this gentlemen did. And for that, he made my day. Bow ties were my favourite neck adornments to wear back during the years 2005-07 whilst i was studying at CSM plus i added them to my final collection because no one on road was really rocking them. But since then people caught on (which is a good thing!), but for me i tend to force myself away from the ubiquitous pieces until it becomes extinct again! I personally prefer to move on to different things.
A lovely conversation was shared today with this gentlemen and so true to style since the 1940s he says he has been. The peak lapels show this 40s style. Plus his playfulness with colour completes his get up. The way he has composed all the elements together is why i can appreciate the Bow tie again.


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bow tie and pocket sqaure from Hermes' a true gent indeed