Friday, November 20, 2009

Change Is Upon Us!

Reading upon a book which i am ashamed i didn't manage to write down for reference, (because i was in transit i only managed to take a picture of it not scan it into the Hardrive.) was a write up on the Psychology of fashion. It was very interesting that even back in the twenties, when this perception was illustrated, the same cycle occurs...

I have posted Cyril Bird's illustration below of the way people on the streets became/become easily influenced upon one another and gang up on the one individual who stands out against the mass of ubiquitous men until the style captivates them forcing them to change with the times or the particular look they were once against!

Cyril Bird was an official war artist. He has many works which are worth to be viewed but i wanted to share one of my favourites...


a said...


I am not sure since I do not have a copy of the book myself and I cannot find more then a few scanned pages online, but I think the Kenneth Cyril Bird illustration you posted is from the following 1928 book:

Paul H. Nystrom. Economics of Fashion. New York: The Ronald Press Company; 1928. (521 pages)

The following link has a scanned page of 3-page book review where they mention a chapter in Nystrom's book, "Psychology of Fashion", the same title as on the scanned page you posted:

there is also some info on the book here:!78519!0

I hope that helps. The book sounds very interesting from what I found about it online and it's a shame it's so hard to find.


The Modest Adonis said...

G, i am grateful for reaching out to me with an informative post...i shall check the book out for sure...