Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr Jules...

I do not know how to start with this man, or know how i managed to find any picture of him! He is one of my closest alliances in the so-called Fashion industry. We are both enamoured by vintage mens clothing, work wear and some independent or up-coming designers. I first met Jason at his personal Vintage shop SELLOUT in London's Soho. We had an instant connection and he started selling some of my customized clothing in store which i named EYEKNOW. The pieces sold well and from this cosigned business relationship, our personal relationship grew too.
Jason is the reason behind theantiquatedmindset blog. We were discussing one evening on the underground during his short visit to NY where i could possibly exhibit some of my ideas and inspiring ways without telling the world too much and voila it happened shortly after he returned to Blighty. He has a great blog which i am often visiting called Garmsville, (The Name is great) and writes beautifully and is indeed a cognoscenti when it comes to quality clothing. An avid reader of Free and Easy and many more books i could promulgate but would have to charge for that kind of information! I adulate him every time he passes my vision! Nice one Jay Cheers mate!

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