Sunday, January 17, 2010

Captured Moments.

A lazy sunday afternoon, the cloud's water traps are released, dripping droplets fall from the wooden steps outside in the back garden. A grey sombre British looking sky allows one to feel cosy indoors...
I came across this picture online and instantly became attached to it. I love photography and have always wondered what the subjects are doing, talking about and how they feel. This photographer has intruded the couples personal space furtively and caught a powerful moment of two lovers, (i could be wrong, maybe they are close friends venting), together alone in a park. Its a scenic view where one usually thinks correctly, that a moment of solitude with nature will help them resemble their thoughts. Philosopher Susan Sontag states in a book, On Photography, '...Strictly speaking, one never understands anything from a photograph, only that which narrates can make us understand.'
Any way This is a true captured moment that sometimes only fabricated models act out for adverts in our magazines.

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