Saturday, January 9, 2010

Musical Influences

One thing that has had the power to revive my low moments has always been music. Brought up by two adept, classical musician parents i grew a liking for this Genre i heard as a young handsome boy. My mother would be practicing in the study getting ready for her Concerto performance which would be held at Kingston's local church. (in London) The sound of her clarinet would always comfort me. Emma Johnson, (a renowned clarinet player), is as close to my mums capabilities!
Then my Oldman, he would be in his study practicing on his three instruments; The Banjo, Guitar and the Concertina. He would lock himself away for hours on end perfecting his chosen three instruments. He is one of the Finest concertina players out there. He too is interested in old things and collects pictures of the first concertina players posing with their concertinas which date from around the early to mid 1800s. He is now currently between chapters, writing a book about a concertina player called Regondi, an early child prodigy who enjoyed a successful career mostly in London.
And underneath is a taste of some music that i listen to occasionally. Unfortunately it is short but that is what makes it more special. 'Sequent C' by Tangerine Dream.

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