Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From Market to Address Book

Sorry and please excuse me for the obvious and weighed out pauses on my postings. I have days where i have not one minute out of my day to cover anything...

Whilst working at Brooklyn's finest market last summer. (which i have lined up again for the one following), i met a myriad of great pioneers and individuals in the industry that i can call home.

Around that time, (summer 09), was a big transition for me as i had just left RL and was left feeling a bit wayward with the 'Good-heavens-whatever-next?' attitude. But as most of us do, we become adapted to our new surroundings and pick ourselves back up off of the dusty floor. New prospect jobs can seem so distant and impossible to picture at first and then something moves you. Whether it be a piece of music, a vivid dream of failure, a kick from a friend or family member, a conversation beginning with...'so what do you do? or better yet, what is your story? pffft please!! (Could you have taken that anymore?) And so you begin to steady pace yourself back into a routine, a productive one and see the changes this new notion brings. Satisfaction from your hard work brings a smile to your face and whether it be visible or not you continue your new found ways of getting by.

My new start came from this market meeting great people.

One story to share is:

I had previously met Erikyah. A lovely lady whom is from Australia. She fell keen to my prized, (modestly said), pieces that i sold every week and bought a tunic/Grandad shirt off me from the 1930s. We got into discussion about menswear and she loved my interest and enthusiasm i showed. The following week she wanted to introduce me to her good friend Rich. Who also happens to be from Down Under and a designer.
We exchange info and discuss further meeting. And months later the meeting occurs in the studio of mine where Rich told me about his line and future endeavors. A family run business that Rich designs for is meticulously workwear. Very believable, very wearable and most of all affordable.
He has a great eye, good overall knowledge on garms from way back to up-to-date-trends and is good at what he does.

Here is his site Kakado.
Courtesy Of Kakado


Paul said...

great blog you've got here, a real clean aesthetic and a fresh perspective.

The Modest Adonis said...

thank you sir, really appreciate your comment.

Im happy to have caught something good for you...

Fair Rose said...

Awesome job man. Keep it up.